The Telegraph - April 2014

The orchestra’s Music Director Gérard Korsten has the swerve and pounce of a fencer on the podium, and the orchestra’s sound was similarly swift on its feet. But all this fleetness and gruff humour wasn’t at the expense of the music’s grandeur. Korsten seized hold of the climax towards the end of the 1st movement, where the harmony shoots dizzyingly upwards, and made sure we felt its amazing originality.

Salzburger Nachrichten - August 2013

“Because the acoustics allowed no wayward tempos, due to the sensitive conducting of Gérard Korsten and a small cast of six first and second violins and a cello section, miracle sounds were heard”

Vorarlberger Nachrichten - July 2013

“Gérard Korsten‘s energetic and risky conducting carries away musicians and audiences alike, however, providing a safe haven simultaneously. Under such care, the orchestra presents itself unleashed in the final movement of the symphony”

Wiesbadener Kurier (Hesse State Orchestra Wiesbaden) - November 2012

“A highly refreshing ‘Hommage à Mozart’, historically informed and the conductor motivated the orchestra in giving a pleasing, fluent and studied interpretation which examined every minor tonality and every rhythmic playfulness.”

Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Musikkollegium Winterthur) - November 2012

"It was amazing with how much commitment the Musikkollegium Winterthur performed Xavier Dayer’s latest work for the first time under the direction of Gérard Korsten. The sound of the strings especially was glowing in many nuances, rarely to be heard in Frank Martin’s late “Polyptyque” for solo violin and two small string orchestras."

Landbote (Musikkollegium Winterthur) - November 2012

"The Musikkollegium was masterfully up to the difficulties of the piece (Xavier Dayer’s new work “Le temps entre deux minuits”) since the conductor Gérard Korsten led the orchestra in a very inspired and confident way."

Vorarlberger Nachrichten (Vorarlberg Symphoniorchester Bregenz) - July 2012

"The South African born and student of Sandor Vegh, Gerard Korsten, led his orchestra to a new musical peak of achievement through the performance of Bruckner’s Fourth. They provided a brilliant ending to the traditional Sunday afternoon matinee concerts with Detlev-Glanert-glamour and Anton-Bruckner-power."

Diapason - January 2012

The very lively conducting of Gérard Korsten brings in its wake, a top rate cast...Three hours of pleasure and an irreplaceable interpretation.

The Chicago Tribune - September 2011

“The impression of hyped-up energy was even more pronounced in the Beethoven symphony, where, in fairness, rhythmic drive is everything. Here the agile strings, alert woodwinds and pointed brass made a fully responsive team, with Korsten tapping the primal energies that make this masterpiece so exhilarating, no matter how many times one has heard it. ”

Daily Telegraph - April 2010

There’s good news at the London Mozart Players - or there will be when the music director-designate, Gerard Korsten, gets stuck in next season. His concert at Croydon's Fairfield Halls last weekend was a statement of intent, and right from the start of Dvorak's Serenade for Strings he showed that he will be working the orchestra hard.
No detail was overlooked...the South Africa-born conductor brought tautness and intensity to Dvorak's bracing tunes.